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Rose Program

Head Of The Rose Program Coordinator: Jim McHugh
History of the Marine Corps Rose
     In 1778 during the War of Independence the Marine Corps Rose was dedicated to those Marines who made the Ultimate Sacrifice for their country. This tradition was continued by the French during World War One when the Marines attacked the Germans in the trenches at Belleau Wood. Roses were planted by the grateful French people at the graves of the Fallen Marines. When you see members of the Marine Corps League distributing these remembrances, take one and wear it proudly.
MCL Rose Program
     Started by Marine Eddie Gallagher from New York, designed to parallel the VFW “Poppy” program to provide funds for detachments to assist veterans and youth and provide other services to the community. Support programs such as bingo or holiday parties for hospitalized or retired veterans in retirement homes:
•Assist Wounded Veterans
•Humanitarian Aid
•Health and Comfort items for Hospitalized Veterans
•Assist Local Youth Programs